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Conservation - Water

Saving water = Saving money!


New, higher 2019 rebates offered to owners...

Get a $100 Efficiency Reward if you install a new toilet or front-loading washing machine!

You can read the HOA's Annual Water Conservation newsletter (January 201) and learn information about Association-offered Water Efficiency Award rebates by clicking the blue newsletter distributed to homes the first week of January 2019!

 (If you didn't receive a copy, click here to see it!)

Cherry Creek 3 spotlighted in another documentary on water efficiency in Colorado!
Several Cherry Creek 3 HOA residents and clips of our water-wise landscaping, Community Garden and grounds are part of a new, 11-minute documentary available to watch free online. Colorado Water Conservation Board & the One World One Water Center at Metropolitan State University sponsored the new documentary, which is trying to explain the importance of being efficient with water throughout Colorado. Click on this link to view the new movie!

How much could "one little leak" cost you AND the neighborhood?
If you have a leaking faucet or defective toilet flapper in your home, it may appear to "lose a little water." However, Colorado WaterWise tells us that even a little leak can be very costly. For example, if your "little leak" means 1 gallon of water a minute is running unchecked, that translates to 10,800 gallons of water per month! (If that faucet or toilet if allowed to leak unchecked for a year, the consumption is 43,200 gallons!) Cherry Creek 3 is charged for water consumption (water incoming to the neighborhood) by Denver Water. Similarly, the HOA is billed for sewage by Denver Wastewater for water leaving via the sewer lines.During the 2017-18 HOA fiscal year, the Association paid more for sewage than water - for the first time ever! That's why managing water is essential to help keep both water and sewage bills (paid for by your HOA monthly dues) are critical!

All owners, through their monthly HOA dues, end up paying jointly for ALL water AND sewage in the neighborhood. Simply put, when everyone uses more water (and sewage), the Association essentially must raise the rate of its monthly maintenance dues to pay for it. 

Why water conservation should be important to every owner and resident in the neighborhood:

Less than a dozen years ago, people who lived in Cherry Creek 3 may not have thought much about the water they use daily. Water was something one didn't have to think much about... just open the faucet and it was there. Today, Cherry Creek 3 owners and residents are paying much better attention to the water they use, showing that practicing conservation is a beneficial thing to the environment as well as their own pocketbooks.

Unlike a freestanding, single-family home, this neighborhood doesn't have individual water meters outside the home. All the water (and sewage) is part of the monthly HOA dues paid by owners. Several years back, the cost of water and sewage accounted for more than 42% of the Association's budget.

These days, the cost of those items is substantially less, thanks to conservation! In fact, during recent years, the HOA has been using about 15 million fewer gallons per year compared to a half-dozen years ago. Reducing water consumption also means cutting the sewage bill. (Yes, the prices for water and sewage rise each year but continued conservation helps keep the HOA's costs - ultimately, owners' costs - to minimal increases.)

Please keep up the GREAT work, Cherry Creek 3. Every drop you save it literally money in the bank for everyone who lives here!

PLEASE NOTE: Conservation and saving money on water (and sewage) is an ongoing process... It's never over. Please do your part to help keep water bills at a minimum. That's why the HOA asks people to use water wisely indoors and outside. Washing cars, hosing off driveways and letting hoses run unwatched are things that waste water. Please remember that everyone pays for the water we all use. See further down this page for information on water-saving tips and how to get rebates for new water devices!

How well are your family and you educated about water?

Water is money! Let’s all save together!

   If you turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, it’s likely you’ll find somebody talking about drinking water.

  Throughout the West, stories of droughts and water restrictions have been reported for years. Here in the Front Range, residents and builders are engaged in lawsuits over whether there will be sufficient water for proposed new housing developments.

 After a lengthy study, the State unveiled a massive, 450-page Colorado Water Plan that outlines the water issue in our state. Given the rapid increase in the state population, it is possible water could be in short supply by 2050 when the state’s number of people doubles to nearly 10 million. In addition to recommending building new infrastructure to store water, the state plan heavily calls for stepped-up conservation of water currently available to help meet future water needs.

  What does water have to do with those of us who live in Cherry Creek 3? The short answer: a lot. A big part of HOA’s annual monthly budget – which comes from the monthly maintenance dues – goes toward water and sewage costs. The more everyone can better-manage the water they use in their private homes, the better for the community as a whole.

  Wait a second… I thought CC3 was doing a great job in saving water! If so, what am I doing reading this? It’s true: Cherry Creek 3 has been recognized by Colorado WaterWise and other organizations for cutting its annual water consumption by about 15 million gallons. (In 2008-09, the Association used nearly 37 million gallons annually. In the past three years, we have averaged between 20 and 22 million gallons. By installing high-efficiency toilets, using more efficient outdoor water practices and installing low-water native plants and xeriscape sections, Cherry Creek 3 has indeed been a leader. The HOA saved more than $100,000 in recent year with those efficiency measures, compared to what it would have spent had no conservation actions been taken. However, practicing conservation is an ongoing effort. Many new residents aren’t aware of the cost of water (and sewage) to the Association. In some cases, people have the incorrect notion that water is “free." It really isn't!

   Cherry Creek 3 strongly suggests talking about conservation and asks everyone to do their part regarding the water we all use and need. We can use whatever we want – and face a hike in the monthly HOA dues to pay for it – or we can all stop, think and put good conservation practices into place every day. If you save water every day, it will help all of us save money, too!

Water in, sewage out is a costly combination!

    Tips for saving water and protecting the sewer line in your home. Click here!
     How can water devices help save water (and money) in your home? Check out these facts from the Colorado Water Conservation Board by clicking here.

Did you know? Denver Water offers a $100 rebate for .8 gallon-per-flush toilets. For information, visit

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