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Here's the latest...

Dec. 1: Tree pruning will occurred he week of Nov. 26. A few trees, determined to be dying or afflicted with health issues, were removed. The HOA will plant new trees in the spring in the vicinity of the removed trees.

Sewage Bill vs. Stormwater Bill - Confused? The HOA pays the monthly sewage bill as part of your monthly maintenance dues. That bill is for waste water generated inside the home from toilets, laundry machines, bathrooms, etc. The City of Denver sends each owner a stormwater bill twice annually. That bill, not part of HOA costs, includes the charge for water that drains off each individual home, carport and patio cover that flows into the storm water system on every street. 

Irrigation (sprinkler) notes: Cherry Creek 3's sprinkler system is set to operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. It may NOT run if it rained in the previous 24 hours prior to these days due to an automatic, computer-operated sensor systems designed to save money. 
The sprinklers are tested almost weekly to determine faulty or broken heads, plus routine tests. These occur during daylight hours when the sprinkler service company conducts tests & repairs. If you spot a broken head, please report it to the Property Manager.

(Posted 6.28.18)

The City of Denver and Cherry Creek 3 have banned the use of all fireworks and sparklers in the community. The Association will issue fines starting at $300 to any resident or their guests who have fireworks in the neighborhood. Denver law prohibits all fireworks use and the Association is concerned about fire danger due to the very dry summer and because fences, patio covers and roofs are flammable. Please report fireworks violations immediately to the police (720) 913-2000 and also to the HOA property manager (303) 834-0311. Please give a description of the people involved and their house number, whenever possible. You can request anonymity. Please have a happy - and safe - summer!

Useful things to know! (Posted 6.22.18)

Who is responsible? (Maybe, it’s you, maybe it’s not.)

   It’s incorrect to think that everything that happens outside your home is the responsibility of Cherry Creek 3 HOA. According to the Association’s governing documents, there are some things that Cherry Creek 3 is responsible for and other items for which the home owner is responsible.

  Here is a list of some of the situations and answers to help you understand “who’s responsible” for what:

ISSUE                                                 OWNER                            HOA

                                                           RESPONSIBILITY         RESPONSIBILITY

Broken front window well cover                                                  X - ++

Window well covers in patio                   X

Front porch light fixture & bulbs            X

Back patio wall light & bulbs                  X

Back patio perimeter fence & gate                                               X

Perimeter fence light fixture & bulb                                             X

Back-patio fences between homes          X

Electric circuit breaker box in patio         X (NOTE: Electric wires coming from power poles are the joint responsibility of XCel Energy and the individual home owner)

Back-patio flooring & steps                     X

Front step repairs                                                                          X

Replacing doors & windows                    X - *

Roof & gutter repairs                                                                    X

Carport cover & gutters                                                                X

Cleaning carport spaces                            X

Maintaining trash-enclosure fences                                              X

Keeping trash areas clean                         X

Front-yard landscaping                             (**-see below)

Picking up your pet’s waste                     X

Keeping pets leashed on walks                X

Removing litter in the HOA            (Your help appreciated)       X

Shutter repairs                                          X - +


* - Owners must obtain advance approval from the HOA before installing new windows or doors.

+ - Many years ago, some owners purchased shutters for their windows. They are the owner’s responsibility, despite being hung on the HOA-owned walls.

** - The HOA owns the small, front-yard planting areas in front of homes and maintains them. However, some owners have obtained HOA approval to improve their front-yard landscaping as outlined in Association policy.

++ - In cases where owners have received HOA approval to install basement egress windows, those owners are responsibility for maintaining those window-well covers.

Fireworks banned! 

2018 Annual Owners Meeting: 
More than 50 owners and Association leaders attended the Annual Meeting in the Club House. Four incumbent Board members were re-elected to two-year terms. Owners and Board members discussed key topics, including the HOA's budget, insurance, 2018 maintenance plans, an under-discussion rental limitation plan and other topics. (Posted 4.23.18)

Updated information about HOA monthly maintenance dues payments (updated 2.19.18):


  Please call this phone number if you have questions regarding your maintenance fee account or if you need a status letter regarding the sale or refinance of your unit. There are three methods for paying your monthly maintenance fees.  1. Contact Ms. Balogh at to authorize our HOA to withdraw funds from your bank account through ACH (automated clearing house).  Although our HOA has strict ACH approval procedures for these withdrawals, you might prefer authorizing your bank to pay through their Online Bill Payment system. 2. To pay Online through your bank, enter your four digit unit/house number into the account field and the amount of your payment.  By entering the following mailing information your bank will issue a check to our HOA.  Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., c/o Bank of Colorado, P.O. Box 418, Gretna, NE  68028.  This mailing address is our HOA’s dedicated lockbox. 3. Personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders must also be sent to the above P.O. address. However, they must be accompanied with encoded coupons unique to your four digit unit/house number.  If you wish to pay with checks and do not have a coupon book, please call Marvin Becker, our Treasurer, at 303-549-8120 and he will be happy help. Payments are not accepted at the Club House and cannot be given to Board members.

       Call Leilani Balogh at LeiMay Accounting Services          Phone 303- 779-5123       

Insurance check: The Association has changed its general coverage carrier to Farmer's Insurance (see the Home Page for details). The insurance does not cover personal dwellings, interior contents, etc. for individual owners. It is each owner's responsibility to ensure they have sufficient coverage in the event of a fire, wind storm, hail or other disaster. In November, the Association will send each owner a letter, suggesting that you (as an owner) meet with your personal insurance agent to make sure you are covered in the event of a claim. - Posted Oct. 25

Swimming pool closed for season:
The Association had to close its swimming pool ahead of schedule because the pump motor failed. It was not possible to heat the pool and treat it with required chemicals because of this failure. The Association's pool-contracting service tried to get a new motor from out of state prior to Labor Day. However, the new motor, received Labor Day weekend, would not work and had to be shipped back for another replacement. An arrival date and installation schedule for the next motor is likely more than a week away. Due to the expense of this repair and additional costs for pool service and water-heating costs, it has been decided that the most appropriate action is to not re-open the pool for the current season. It was a difficult decision because so many owners - including Board members - enjoy the pool for their families and themselves. Thank you for your understanding and we all await the next pool season, slated for Memorial Day weekend in May 2018. 

Meeting change: The August Board of Directors meeting, originally planned for Aug. 22, will be held on Thursday, Sept. 14, instead. The primary purpose of the meeting will be to review insurance proposals and other matters.

March 23, 2017 - If you haven't received materials in the mail from the City of Denver, please be aware that the city will change its trash collection program sometime in April.
   Denver will give each address one  traditional trash can (3 sizes will be available) for you to keep in your back patio area OR in your trash enclosure. Once the new cans are distributed, residents will not be allowed to use their current trash cans nor will the city pick up loose trash bags, boxes or lose items during the regular weekly trash collection cycle. It will accept additional bags, boxes, etc. during the once-monthly "extra trash" collection day. The new "extra trash" day will replace what is currently know as the Large-Item trash day. The city will still collect furniture, larger items it currently picks up - not including prohibited materials or electronic items. Visit for complete information on trash, recycling and related topics.

PLEASE NOTE: Each owner or resident is responsible for ordering any trash can if the proposed 65-gallon can will not work for their household. The city will also offer extra-large cans (95 gallons) or smaller cans (35 gallons) for residents who need a different size. As in the past, all trash cans must be stored inside trash enclosures or kept on back patios. Cans are not allowed to remain outside of fences, except for the evening before and the day of trash pick-up. On collection days, ALL trash cans must be placed out in the driveways with nothing overhead (including carport covers and gutters, power lines, etc.) so the truck with a giant "scooper claw" can grab them.

PLEASE NOTE: The information above is for regular trash collection. Denver still has the purple recycling can pick-up every other week. Each resident can have one purple recycling can per address that can be stored in trash enclosure areas or on back patios.

Nov. 28 - Holiday decorations outside of your home...
       The Association knows people want to make the exterior of their condos festive for the holiday season. However, please keep in mind the following:
       * The HOA owns the exterior walls, siding and fence areas. Please do not use nails, staples or other permanent fasteners if attaching decorations outside. (Staples and nails can do long-term damage to these materials). You can use clips, adhesive strips, etc.
       * Do NOT attach any kind of lights or electric decorations to the gas pipe that is just above most back patio doors in the neighborhood. This gas line provides service to you and/or your neighbors. Attaching anything to this metal pipe could create a fire danger. (Attaching anything to this gas line may result in a warning or fine.)
        * Do not run electric lines across sidewalks or walkways, to avoid creating a tripping hazard. If you are plugging in lights or displays, please make sure they were manufactured for outdoor use.
* If you are not sure of the rules regarding something you may want to do, please talk to the property manager FIRST, before doing it.
        * Finally, all holiday decorations should be removed from outside your home by Jan. 15 each year.

Nov. 7: Briefly speaking:
        * Tree trimming was completed last week. Leaf-raking is ongoing.
        * You can sign up for free police report summaries for the area by going to: and registering.

October: Did you receive a bill from the City of Denver in the mail? 
Every year, Denver mails each owner a bill. Although it may seem confusing, the bill is for "storm water" runoff charges, which is billed to each home. That bill is the responsibility of each owner to pay. That bill is different from the monthly "waste water" (sewage bill) that the HOA pays. Your monthly HOA dues pay for both water and sewage charges - but not storm water. Denver calculates the storm water charge based on the square footage of your home, inside and out, and other factors. The fee is to help the city manage its storm water pipes, collection system, etc. 

From Denver Water (Aug. 19): Speaking of watering, it’s time we talked about brown spots in your yard. Don’t feel like you have to hide your yard’s summertime blemishes. They’re only natural and caused by heat stress.

Driveway project, updated Saturday, Aug 4, 11 a.m.: The driveway project is nearing an end.
 We expect the top two thru-driveways to reopen to traffic around 10 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 7.
 PLEASE NOTE:  The construction crew is expected to return on Wednesday, Aug. 10, to install several speed-control bumps in the top two driveways that were just resurfaced. This is likely to result in temporary traffic stoppages for a few hours.
 The new speed bumps being installed will be painted, too, which may require additional traffic restrictions. Please check back on this page for updates early next week.

ALL OWNERS/RENTERS PLEASE NOTE: Please remember that YOU are responsible for keeping your parking spaces clean (no oil spills, no litter, no cigarette butts) at all times. Again: Thank you for your cooperation with the driveway project. These repairs will benefit the entire community!

July 25: 
All sidewalk lights in the middle section of E. Oxford drive are operating normally again. 
Turning on your back patio fence light is a wise thing to do and it costs only a few cents each month to operate that light.  

Fireworks reminder:
It is illegal in the City of Denver (where this community is located) to set off fireworks - regardless of the size of the item. Fireworks pose a fire and safety hazard to both residents and homes. Did you know a hand-held sparkler can get as hot as 1,500 degrees? Those caught with fireworks not only face fines and penalties from the HOA but they can also lead to fines of up to $1,000 from the city. If you see someone trying to set off fireworks here, please call the police at 9-1-1 and report the incident to  the property manager at (303) 834-0311 - leave a message at night. If you are able to do so, please identify the house number of the person(s) involved in any situation.

Let's talk about sprinklers and outdoor irrigation:
* During the summer months, the HOA sprinkler system typically will run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights (sometime after 7) and continue into the next morning. However, if there was sufficient rain within 24-36 hours prior to those assigned times, the sprinklers may not operate since the grass and flowers had adequate natural watering.
* New sod:
Near the fronts of 9183 E. Oxford (just east of the pool) and the driveway corner of 9194 E. Nassau, new sod was installed. As a result, selected sprinkler zones will run TWICE daily, 7 days a week, for several weeks so the new grass will be able to grow and root.
* If you see a broken sprinkler head:
Please call 303-834-0311 and leave a message as to the location of the broken head. The head will be repaired as soon as possible.
* When's a good time to hand-water plants or your spot in the Community Garden:
Hand-water prior to 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. If you water between 10-6, a couple of "bad" things happen: 1. Half of the water evaporates automatically - wasting water. 2. Putting water on the surface of a plant during those hottest hours of the day can actually cause a "boiling" effect and damage the plant or vegetable.
As always, THANK YOU for helping Cherry Creek 3 remain a water-conservation HOA leader.

May 12: 
The Board will not meet on May 24 due to personal scheduling issues. The next meeting will be on June 28.
* A newsletter, including the 2016 swimming pool rules, will be distributed the week of May 16.

May 27
-   Hampden Town Center construction plans: 
Developer Larry Jacobson, who owns empty lots in Hampden Town Center, and the City of Aurora will discuss plans for part of the site. Originally slated but now cancelled (until further notice) for May 31 in the club house of Second Cherry Creek Townhomes on E. Mansfield Drive. The meeting is open to the public. Most of the undeveloped property is on the east side of S. Boston Street, nearest to Cherry Creeks 1 & 2. There are no current plans for Hampden Town Center near Cherry Creek 3, where the RTD parking lot and Dayton Station are located. Mr. Jacobson will have maps and information about the proposed development site at the meeting. The public is invited to attend and offer comments.

Special notice regarding "some" parking violation tags issued on Tuesday, April 26 or Wednesday, April 27:
Our towing and monitoring contractor, in an effort to control the abuse of owners and tenants parking in guest parking, incorrectly tagged cars without carport covers thinking they also were guest parking spots. We are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused our owners and residents. If you are parking correctly between your 2 fence lines, with current tags, you have nothing to worry about. We will continue to try and stop the people who are abusing guest parking and other owners' parking spots. We are again sorry for the mistake made by our towing contractor. If you need further assistance, please e-mail Jim Robson, property manager:

April 11 -   What's news this week:
There was a good turnout for the annual Owners meeting on April 9. Those who attended got to hear about the importance of checking your home owners' individual insurance policy to make sure it's updated and covers (in the event of an incident or loss) adequate dwelling and content protection, plus at least $5,000 in HO6 Loss Assessment coverage.
A report on HOA finances was presented, showing how the Association handles its obligations, works to improve efficiencies and ways to continue monitoring costs, plus how it handles its replacement fund for major projects. The Association is in good financial shape, has few delinquencies and tries to anticipate current and future needs.
Four Board members,
all incumbents, were elected to two-year terms. The include Marvin Becker, Julie Barnes, Renate Canino and Don Ireland. During the annual Board reorganization meeting, Mr. Ireland was re-elected president, Vern Hume was named the new Vice President, Mr. Becker was re-elected Treasurer and Jack Graves was re-elected Secretary.
During his address, Mr. Ireland said several projects will take place in the neighborhood. He cited reconstruction and repaving will occur this summer in the top two driveways, from the stop signs north to E. Nassau Avenue. Sidewalk construction work from 9152-9198 E. Nassau Ave. was completed this past week.
In other news, the HOA received a rebate from XCel Energy for replacing sidewalk lights. Last month, the HOA replaced old incandescent bulbs with much more efficient LED bulbs. In another effort to improve efficiencies, the Association has purchased a new swimming pool boiler system. It is replacing an antiquated single boiler with three smaller, computerized units that will be easier to service and use substantially less natural gas than the one being replaced. 

It was announced a screening of the forthcoming environmental documentary movie, "Hometown Habitat: Stories of Bringing Nature Home" will be shown soon in the club house. The event will be a free movie night, including refreshments, for all interested residents. Cherry Creek 3 and some its volunteers were featured for several minutes in a segment of the movie filmed here in 2015. The movie will be aired at various venues across the country this spring, beginning with Earth Week events nationwide.

March 9-   What's news this week:
Although it seems like spring has arrived, it's still winter and March typically is the snowiest month of the year. That's why the ice-melt stations will remain up at select points throughout the neighborhood.
* A significant break, involving an individual water line and a major water valve, were repaired late last week. The lawn will be repair later this spring after the sprinkler system is activated in May. Another water break (that occurred in December) along E. Nassau Ave. was repaired but the ground also cannot be re-landscaped until after the sprinkler system is operating.
* The Board has voted to replace the antiquated swimming pool boiler system prior to the swimming season, which begins on Memorial Day. Board members are working with Xcel Energy to get a rebate for the proposed work. The new boiler system will be 80% efficient with natural gas, compared to a efficiency rate of less than 50% for the existing one. There have been several breakdowns occurring with the old pool boiler system in recent years. This topic will be updated in the near future.
Feb. 26-   What's news this week: You've probably heard we'll be celebrating Cherry Creek 3's 50th anniversary of when residents first began moving here (in 1966). Part of the activities being planned throughout the season will include a showing of "Hometown Habitat," in which Cherry Creek 3 is featured for its award-winning conservation and landscaping efforts.
A special, fun, FREE "movie and refreshments" is in the planning for late April, when Hometown Habitat will premiere nationally in time for Earth Week. Here is a link to the movie's website:

(Note: Several Cherry Creek 3 neighbors you know will be seen in the Colorado footage as well as several planting sites in the community.) Again, please check back in for information on this upcoming fun movie night!

Jan. 28 -   What's news this week:

* If you missed a newsletter focusing on the important topic of Water conservation & water-sewer costs, please click to the link (at left) titled "Conservation - Water."
* The annual owners meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 9, in the club house. Registration and lunch will begin at 11 a.m. The business meeting will begin at noon. Final ballots must be turned in prior to the start of the business meeting.
* It is winter and some people let their dogs "do their business" in the snow. Please remember, although it's cold, ALL pet owners must immediately pick up their pet's waste and dispose of it properly.
* Online version of application to run for the Board of Directors.

Dec. 15 -   What's news this week:

*  A large water-line leak (Dec. 13) along 9180-9194 E. Nassau Ave. and a smaller leak (Dec. 11) affecting 9016-9036 E. Nassau were repaired within hours after they were discovered. The Association expresses thanks to residents who were forced to deal with the unannounced (and unplanned) disruptions in water service. At one point, Denver Water shut down ALL water service in the neighborhood until the location of the leak was isolated.
* Sidewalk repairs started last week along 9152-9194 E. Nassau Ave. They will continue soon. A problem with the contractor's scheduling and the sudden return of winter are blamed for the delays. Again, repairs will resume as quickly as conditions allow.

Dec. 1 -   What's news this week:

*  Coming in 2015: Repairs are planned for several sidewalks (including front entry sidewalks and steps). So is some tuck-pointing work (repairing crumbling mortar on exterior brick walls). Work will be done as weather permits in the first half of the new year. The Board is also considering more asphalt repairs in the year ahead, too.
* The Owners' Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 9, in the Club House. Information about elections and nominations for the Board of Directors will be sent out in January.
* HOA fees will increase effective Jan. 1, 2016. Please check the newsletter distributed to all owners for details.
* The next regular Board meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 26, in the club house.
* Snow reminders: As in past years, snow will be shoveled after 2" has fallen on sidewalks and 4" on driveways.

Oct. 29 - Cherry Creek 3 wins Colorado WaterWise 2015 Conservation Award
Here is the award presented to the HOA for its efforts to conserve water during the past several years. Colorado WaterWise said Cherry Creek 3 is an example of what other homeowners' associations across the state can do to conserve.
Photo: HOA Board members, including (left to right) Renate Canino, President Don Ireland and Treasurer Marvin Becker (right) accepted the award on behalf of the community from CWW's Liz Gardener (third, from left). Board Member Trudy Hardin was at the ceremony but is not in this photo.

Award Presentation: Liz Gardener, left, of Colorado WaterWise presents the 2015 Conservation Award to Cherry Creek 3 Board members Don Ireland, Trudy Hardin, Marvin Becker and Renata Canino. This is the first time CWW gave the award to a non-conservation professional.

Oct. 27 -   What's news this week:

*  DENVER SEWER BILL CONFUSION: Each year, Denver Wastewater Management sends a bill labeled "Annual Storm Drainage Service Charge" to each owner. This bill always raises the question: "Wait, doesn't my HOA monthly dues cover water and sewage?"
The answer: No, it does not. The storm water bill is for water that flows off your home and into a storm drainage system. This system is not the same as the regular sewage system. All Denver home owners are issued these bills, which are based upon the square footage of your home. They have nothing to do with sewage you generate from inside your home.
Generally, Denver's "Annual Storm Drainage Service Charge" is around $90-115, depending on the size of your home. This fee is NOT paid for by the HOA. It is a bill for each owner to pay.
* Water line repairs
have been conducted in two different places at homes on E. Nassau Ave. The outside lines are the responsibility of the Association. Water and plumbing issues inside of a home are the responsibility of the owner. NOTE: It is the responsibility and duty of ANY owner to have a leak or running toilet repaired immediately since all members of the Association pay for the water used in the HOA. Please help the HOA conserve water and contain its water bills by fixing all leaks quickly. 
* Tips for this time of year:
   - With colder nights and the possibility of freezing, please disconnect hoses from back-patio faucets to prevent freezing and a potential plumbing bill.
   - Have you changed your smoke detector batteries this fall?
   - Have you looked at your vehicle's license plate to make sure your registration tags are current?
   - If you have a question, please call the Property Manager. The number is at the top of this screen.
* THE NEXT BOARD MEETING: The Cherry Creek 3 Board will conduct its regular meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the club house. An executive session will precede the meeting at 6:30 p.m. (Board members only). The doors for the regular meeting will open by 7.
SNOW REMINDERS: Please remember that snow will be shoveled after 2" has fallen on sidewalks and 4" on driveways. Parking is not permitted in guest lots during snow because that is where the plowed snow will be pushed. Guest lot violations may be towed without warning at the vehicle owner's expense.

Oct. 15 -   Various updates:
*  A new roof has been installed on the four homes damaged by fire this past spring. Reconstruction of the homes is ongoing. Once the roof, gutters and new windows have been installed, workers will begin working on restoration of the interiors in cooperation with the owners.
 The sprinkler system is shut down and lawn aeration was completed for the year. Soon, the values will be blown out with compressed air to help prevent freezing and breaking during the winter.
* In the weeks ahead, the annual fall fertilization of the grass areas will occur. The fall fertilization is the most important one of the year because the fertilizer helps the grass get nutrients for next spring.
 * The Community Garden is at the end of the season and water has been shut off. Gardeners are asked to conduct final cleaning of their plots and weeding accompanying areas.
* The HOA Board is considering the 2015-16 budget and will discuss it in late October.
* Owners & residents are asked to complete any HOA surveys and return them as soon as possible.
* REMINDER: When the clocks are changed in the near future, please use that as a reminder to install new batteries in your smoke detectors. 

June -   Cherry Creek 3
is among those honored and mentioned as a Habitat Hero award winner in the summer edition of Rocky Mountain Gardening.
983.9 KB

June 27 -   What are those patches of funky grass near 9086 E. Nassau and 9146 E. Nassau Ave.? Plant Select and Colorado State University have donated to the HOA some plugs of Dog Tuff grass, which will join Plant Select's list of recommended plants in 2016. By late this summer, the plugs are expected to grow and spread throughout these two planting areas.
Dog Tuff grass is unique because it uses little water, requires mowing only a couple of times per season and is softer on bare feet than traditional Kentucky blue grass used in the region. The grass gets its name because it is extremely resistant to dog urine - hence the name, "dog tuff." (Blue grass often turns yellow after dogs do their business on it.)
Kelly Grummons of Timberline Nursery, featured in several Colorado gardening magazines and the Denver Post recently, cultivated and developed this species for several years in conjunction with David Salaman of High Country Gardens. Kelly has been working with our HOA president on the progress of Cherry Creek 3's new experimental grass, which originated in Africa.
Although residents and visitors are welcome to view the growing grass plots, we kindly ask that you do not walk on it nor allow pets on it until a later date to be announced. We want to make sure the Dog Tuff grass has an ample chance to get started before allowing foot (or paw) traffic on it.

May 31 -   
National and international award-winning director Catherine Zimmerman was at Cherry Creek 3 filming a segment for her forthcoming documentary, "The Meadow Project: Hometown Habitat," on May 29. She shot video of residents helping plant new bushes and flowers as part of the HOA's ongoing Landscape Improvement Program, which has garnered the Association a Rocky Mountain Audubon Association "Habitat Hero" award. You can learn more about the forthcoming documentary by visiting: The documentary is being edited in 2016 and is tentatively scheduled for national release later in the year.
Cherry Creek 3 also is featured in the just-released Summer 2015 edition of Rocky Mountain Gardner magazine for its water-saving landscape project.

May 6 -   Here
are a few updates for the week:
* A pack of 3 coyotes were spotted roaming in the neighborhood this week. Please make sure your pet doesn't roam outside.
* The HOA Board and property management have been working daily with insurance officials, construction people and owners to help get construction under way for the four homes damaged by fire on March 29.
* The swimming pool is planned to open on Saturday, May 23. Click here for the 2015 pool use rules.
* Several major improvement projects are planned for the neighborhood this spring and summer - more details soon.
* Are YOU being safe? It is recommended that you lock you back gate nightly and when away and keep your back fence and back patio lights on each night.
* REMINDER: Air conditioning units that protrude from windows are prohibited by HOA regulations. 

 April 11 -  FREE Gardening Seminar, 11 a.m. Cherry Creek 3 club house. Colorado Master Gardener Julie Pfankuch will speak about "what you can grow in your fenced in HOA back patio" and "what you can grow in your community garden plot." There will be a power point show, handouts and a time for questions and answers.
IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING: There will be the annual sign-up and first meeting of all Cherry Creek 3 Community Gardeners.  

March 28 -  Annual meeting highlights:
        * Incumbents Trudy Hardin and Jack Graves were re-elected to two-year terms, as was newcomer Vern Hume.
         * Longtime Board member and former President Russ Waugh announced his resignation from the Board due to personal reasons. The Board accepted the resignation with regrets and also voted to have Marvin Becker fill the remainder of Mr. Waugh's term. Mr. Becker will serve as treasurer for the next year.
         * Julie Barnes was elected vice president. All other officers will remain the same as last year.

Coming May 2 -  You can participate in a community-wide carport sale in the neighborhood. More details to come soon.

March 4 - HOA Main sewer line cleaning update - 
The majority of HOA's main sewer lines were jetted and given a video inspection in recent weeks. However, a few have not been completed but will be done so in the next few weeks, weather permitting.
 The Association will receive a copy of the findings in April. Residents are encouraged to have their individual sewer lines cleaned every few years to help prevent an unwanted sewage back-up and potential costly damages. (See elsewhere on this web site how you can get a sewer cleaning at a special price of $75).

Feb 25, 2015:  No parking in guest lots during snowy weather. The signs in guest parking lots remind visitors that parking is not allowed during snowy weather. The reason is because snow from driveways and sidewalks are put into those guest lots. If you park in the guest lot during snowy weather, your vehicle may be towed immediately and at the owner's expense.

Jan.30, 2015:
To Community Garden participants and any CC3 resident who wants a garden plot in 2015: there will be the annual introductory meeting in April (after Easter). Check back for specific times and information. If you haven't been in the Community Garden previously but would like a plot, please e-mail 

Jan.28, 2015: Work has begun on the 2015 Landscape Improvement Program. During nicer weather, workers will continue to remove old junipers, lava rock and materials from the front planting beds from 4002-4096 S. Yosemite and 9001-9023 E. Oxford (approximately 50 homes).
This work will continue into May when planting occurs. During the next few months, the grounds in that area may be muddy, so please be careful while walking. It is a matter of "temporary inconvenience leading to permanent improvement." After the planting beds are clear, amended topsoil will be installed and tilled. Sprinklers will be checked before new plants are added to insure they grow. Many of the new plants have been recommended by the professionals at Plant Select, a non-profit consortium of Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State University and the Colorado Growers Association. These plants - many of which are new to the Front Range in recent years - will give Cherry Creek 3 an array of colorful species that bloom throughout the growing season. The new plants also are low-water species and are resistant to diseases. For more on Plant Select, please visit: and view videos. 
We appreciate your patience for any temporary inconvenience the temporary work may cause. 

Jan.11, 2015: Owners interested in applying for a term on the Board of Directors can apply. Here is a link to the application, please Click here. Please consult the Forms and HOA Documents page on qualifications to run for the Board. The annual election will take place on Saturday, March 28.

Dec. 30: It has been very cold outside. However, picking up after your pet immediately after it does its business is still required. If you see someone violating this rule, please report information to the Property Manager,
           *All guest parking lots are posted with the following information: No parking during snowy weather.  The reason is because the snow plows deposit driveway snow into those areas. Those who park in guest lots during inclement weather risk having their vehicle towed at the owner's expense. If you have a guest visiting during snowy weather, please have them park - where permitted - along E. Nassau and E. Oxford drives.
           * Please be a good neighbor: During bad weather, please call or check in on an elderly neighbor who may be living alone... just to ensure they are okay.

Nov. 26:
A sewer line problem was corrected in the 9270 section of E. Oxford Drive. The digging process affected one townhome. Ground restoration work will be conducted once the weather improves next spring.

Nov. 11:
A leak in the HOA's water line between 9176-9180 E. Nassau was repaired on Monday, Nov. 10. Ground restoration work will begin once the weather improves in the spring.

Winter reminder: Please make sure you have some heat in the section of your basement that faces the front window. The wall of the basement facing the front yard is where the water pipe enters your home. In the past, pipes have frozen when the basement has little or no heat. Owners are responsible for frozen pipes and repairs, not the HOA. By having some heat in your basement, you can help prevent an expensive repair situation by avoiding freezing pipes.

Nov. 4: Audubon Rockies named Cherry Creek 3 a recipient of its 2014 Habitat Hero award. The award was given to the Association for its Landscape Improvement Program that has helped the HOA reduce its water consumption by 14 million gallons in each of the past two years.  Cherry Creek 3 is among the award winners from Colorado, Wyoming and nearby states to receive the award. This is the first time an HOA in Colorado has won the award. For more information, visit:

RELATED: (Nov. 7): Councilwoman Peggy Lehman, whose Denver City Council District 4 includes Cherry Creek 3, today commended the Community, The Third Cherry Creek Board of Directors and HOA President Don Ireland for receiving the Habitat Hero Award. Said the Councilperson, "You have accomplished a beautiful garden as well as incredible water savings. This Award is well-deserved. Thank you for your efforts and incredible success."

29: The Board of Directors has approved a 2014-15 budget that includes a $3 increase in the price of the monthly HOA maintenance dues, effective Jan. 1, 2015. A letter announcing the budget will be sent to owners. The Board adopted the increase to pass along price hikes for HOA insurance, water and sewage rates for 2014-15. Despite the modest increase, rates for Cherry Creek 3 remain among the lowest in metro Denver. The Association asks residents to continue to conserve water to help keep its monthly costs under control.
Annual Elections and Meeting: The annual Owners' Meeting will be on March 28, 2015. Eligible owners who would like to run for a seat on the Board of Directors can apply in January. Additional information on the annual election will be mailed to owners soon after the New Year's holiday.
The next Board meeting will be: Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in the Club House.

Oct: 22
: Fall project updates!
Concrete and asphalt work:
Concrete and asphalt repair projects have been completed for the fall. Effective today, residents can resume parking in their parking spaces in all three T-shaped driveways (addresses include 9101 - 9273 E. Oxford).
Work was done to repair and improve concrete swales, which enables storm water and melting snow to flow away from buildings. Asphalt replacement, crack filling and sealcoating were conducted on the three T-shaped E. Oxford driveways and along the I-shaped driveways along E. Nassau near the Cherry Creek 3 entrance sign.
The Association thanks residents for their cooperation during the work.

Oct: 1
: Several sidewalk lights are not working between 9046 and 9084 S. Yosemite Street. The underground wiring is broken and will be repaired in a few weeks. If you live in the affected area, please turn on your front porch light to assist pedestrians. Note: Light repairs were completed the second week of October.

508.6 KB
Sept.   Sept. 3- See above: First, special thanks to the folks at Cherry Creek 2 HOA who provided us with the attached photo and article from the mid-1960s. At the time, condominium was not part of the regular American vocabulary. It's a contrast from today, when tens of thousands of condos can be found across the fruited plains.
It was the lure of the pitch, "no lawn care, no roof maintenance and no snow shoveling" that helped condos grab hold with the public. Cherry Creeks I, II and III (where we live) were among the first family-style townhome condos built in the Denver market. In fact, they were originally in Arapahoe County before Denver eventually annexed the land. Check out the aerial photo.... no I-225, no Tech Center and a Yosemite Street that wasn't four-lane and surrounded by walls. Cherry Creek I is in the foreground and Cherry Creeks 2 and 3 are above them. The grassy area just above Cherry Creek 3 is where the Interstate was built.

Sept. 16:
* The coyote was seen in the neighborhood around 8:30 this morning.
* Link to an update on ways to help save water: Click here.

Aug. 28: Please remember the final day for the summer swimming pool season is Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 1. Keep your electronic pool entry key cards for 2015.
             * At the Aug. 26 meeting, the HOA Board decided that the annual elections and owner's meeting will be the same as last year. Candidates can file to run for the board in January 2015 and the Annual Meeting is expected to occur in March 2015.
                           * Because of the high (and unusual) number of days of rain in August - and an effort to conserve water, Cherry Creek 3 did not run it's sprinkler system as normally scheduled. The sprinkler system will be used again this season when needed. Typically, the system runs three nights per week. This month, the system has only been run three times and the Association saved more than a half-million gallons of water. Sprinklers were turned back on the week of Sept. 1.

Aug 27: Cherry Creek 3 in the landscaping and gardening spotlight!

Cherry Creek 3 got a visit from a pro last week who blogged about her visit. The expert, Susan J. Tweit, plant biologist and award-winning author, speaker and teacher, is the 2014 winner of the Colorado Book Award, the EDDIE, and the Colorado Author's League Award; TEDx speaker, V-P Marketing, Women Writing the West and past chair of the National Writing Panel for YoungArts.
Her blog on us can be found at:
Learn more about Susan's books, lectures and nature-related efforts at

Later in the week, her colleague, award-winning photographer-environmentalist, Catherine Zimmerman, stopped by and shot footage for an upcoming documentary (Spring 2015) about regular people in the US who are bringing native plants back into cities, and therefore are attracting the return of butterflies, hummingbirds and other creatures who were pushed out by the great urbanization of the country in the 1950s and 60s. You can read about this documentary, Hometown Habitat, at Catherine's web site: Any news about Cherry Creek 3 being part of the TV show will be announced when it is known in 2015.
Susan has recommended Cherry Creek 3 for an Audubon Society "Habitat Hero" award. If the Association is named a recipient in November, it will be the first HOA in the Rocky Mountain states to get that distinction.  
Finally, Margie Frey of the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens visited CC3 on Aug. 23. She praised the CC3 Community Garden and the HOA's efforts to improve the look of its landscaping with native plants and those that help conserve water. Margie is the horticultural director and butterfly curator for WCBG.

Aug. 7: A lone coyote was spotted in the central yard area the other morning. The photo below was taken after the animal ran from near the swimming pool and past the Community Garden as it ran back toward home in the wetlands near the RTD Light Rail lot.
         As mentioned before, please keep an eye out and don't let small animals roam freely. If you see a coyote, yell or make a lot of noise, which tends to scare them off. Never try to feed approach a coyote- they're wild animals.

       July 29:
The Boston sidewalk lights have been fixed.
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