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Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., Denver.

New roofs this summer for all Cherry Creek 3 homes!

2020 Roof replacement

The map below shows the 9 phases and general order in which roofs will be replaced now through July, Questions? Email:

There are 9 phases planned to replace 251 roofs on the 39 buildings in Cherry Creek 3.

Please don't interact with the roofing crew.

Please keep your distance from work being done and the workers. Maintain social distancing, please.

Questions? Concerns

We are getting new roofs in Cherry Creek 3... in phases

Initial work

The roof of the clubhouse and adjoining maintenance building will be done first. Each phase will begin after the previous phase is completed. Weather and other conditions may dictate timing.

The 9 phases

Phase 1: 9240-9298 E. Nassau, 4005-4099 S. Boston, 9289-9299 E, Oxford

Phase 2: 9086-9228 E, Nassau

Phase 3: 9201-9273 E, Oxford

Phase 4: 9151-9199 E. Oxford

Phase 5: 9101-9147 E. Oxford

Phase 6: 9055-9097 E. Oxford

Phase 7: 9034-9082 E. Nassau 

Phase 8: 4002-4030 S. Yosemite, 9000-9026 E. Nassau

Phase 9: 4040-4094 S Yosemite, 9001-9037 E. Oxford 

KEY things for all residents to know

Points to consider (and perhaps discuss with your family & friends here

  *Notices will be posted on your fence clip in advance of work being done on your roof. Please see map of project phases (posted here online at, which can help determine the general timing of when work on your building will begin.

* Work on your roof and the other roofs on your building will take several days to complete.

* You must move your vehicle if notified. (You cannot park in Guest Lots). If the vehicle is not moved, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. The guest lots will be reserved for the roofing company and they may be doing work in those lots during the project. Please stay away from any guest lots being used by the roofing company. Also, please direct children to stay back from any work sites.

* If your vehicle(s) need to be relocated, please park them on E. Nassau Avenue or E. Oxford Drive. City signs should be followed. To avoid a city ticket or towing, please do not park at the entrance driveways into Cherry Creek 3 , next to a fire hydrant or next to a yellow line.

* There will be noise as roofers do their work. Sometimes, it will be loud! (Sorry.)  We realize many people are working at home or who may have children or pets who dislike the noise. However, this is a temporary inconvenience and we appreciate your participation.

* It is possible you may see workers outside your second-floor windows. Close your curtains to secure your privacy.

* The roofing contractor will follow federal, state and county safety rules, including restrictions related to COVID-19.

* Daily, the roofers will check to assure no roofing nails or materials are left behind. They try to avoid situations where a stray nail results in a flat tire to vehicles.

* When the roofers start their work on your building, it is recommended that you may want to remove framed photos or other items hung on your walls temporarily. This may not be an issue for you. However, it may be wise to take precautions to safeguard your items, so potential vibrations don't shake them loose.

* For those with satellite dishes (owned by the HOA) installed on roofs for selected buildings, Adamo Communications, the Association's service provider, will temporarily relocate dishes during your building's work. The intention is to keep your satellite service continuing during the project.

* AVI Roofing will have an on-site project manager who will be in touch with our property manager, Jim Robson, quite often. Should you have a concern or question, please e-mail Mr. Robson asap at 


Other noteworthy information

Just so you know...

 * Work generally will be from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and beginning around 9 a.m. on Saturdays.  

  * The roofing replacement project, depending on weather, should be completed by late July. The approximate $1.8 million project is primarily funded from the HOA’s insurance company and owner loss assessments. 

* The work will include new roofs, gutters (second-floor and carport gutters) and a few downspouts. Siding painting or repair on buildings is not part of the insurance claim.

* The project will include replacing older vent covers to today's building codes. 

* A hailstorm on July 5, 2019 caused significant damage to Cherry Creek 3 roofs, which were about 20 years old. Earlier this year, the CC3 Board of Directors voted to file a hail-damage claim with its insurance company, which was Farmers Insurance in 2019. For years, the CC3 Board has strongly encouraged each owner to have loss-assessment insurance coverage for their home. (Generally, loss-insurance coverage is a relatively-inexpensive. Some insurance companies do not charge the owner a deductible for the coverage, while others do.) 

* The Association's annual general insurance policy for the complex included a 2% deductible for wind-hail damage. In this case, the amount was $800,800. This amount, divided by 251 owners, resulted in a $3,190.44 assessment to each owner. (Again, owners with sufficient HO-6 loss-assessment coverage would primarily be covered by their insurance provider. Each year, the Board strongly recommends each owner meet with their insurance agent to discuss sufficient coverage for their home. A copy of the most recent letter from the HOA to owners is posted on the "HOA Forms and Documents" page of this website.

* Thank you for your cooperation and assistance for this huge project. It will cause some inconvenience for all of us for a short time. However, we’ll have a much better neighborhood once the work is completed!



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