2020 HOA payment coupon books: DELIVERED 12/27

The 2020 coupon books (for making HOA monthly maintenance dues) were delivered to fence post clips (only for those who use them, not everyone.) Call 303-834-0311 if any questions. 


Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp,, commonly called Cherry Creek 3. Opened in 1966, we have a proud history as one of Denver's first condo-style townhouse associations. Since then,  we have continuously tried to maintain a nice neighborhood while offering one of the lowest monthly maintenance fees in the region. Our covenants were created to protect our 251 individually-owned homes. We are located in south east Denver, adjoining the RTD Light Rail's Dayton Station. During the past decade, our hands-on Board has launched some exciting, conservation-related programs and projects that have resulted in us winning acclaim in Colorado and beyond!


There's much to see here on this site. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Aerial map of Cherry Creek 3. I-225 and RTD's Dayton Station and light rail transit are to the south

For realtors, refinancing, sales, paying your HOA monthly dues, limited-leasing regulations, etc.

All homes in Cherry Creek 3 are privately owned. The HOA does not rent or lease individual homes - we are not an apartment complex. Homes cannot be sold as rental units or investment properties without an Association-approved permit (there are no permits currently available.).

Please use this section if you are:

* An owner who wants to refinance your home.

* A realtor or real estate sales organization needing HOA info. (Please use information contained in this section - do not call our property manager.)

* Cherry Creek 3 is an FHA-approved association.

* The Association's Declarations outlines the "Right of First Refusal" regarding sales.

* Effective July 31, 2019, homes being sold must be listed for sale to be purchased as  owner-occupied. There are no leasing permits available, as of January 2020, so marketed homes cannot be listed as potential rental or  investment properties. It is likely that no rental lease permits will be available for at least a year or two.

HOA forms, governing documents and policies

This page tells you how to contact us.

Having an HOA maintenance request, need to see the governing documents and Association policies? This section is for you. In addition, there are PDFs for new residents, swimming pool rules, Architectural Request Forms, an application to run for the HOA Board and more!

Residential information

Information on homeowner's insurance each owner should have is listed here. Also: What are the parking rules? If I'm a landlord or tenant, what should I know? Are there any tips for my condo for summer and winter? Learn answers to these and other questions in this section.

Trash collection dates & info

Just click here to learn the next time when regular trash, purple recycling cans and periodic "Extra Trash" will be collected.

Awards and Honors

Cherry Creek 3 has won many statewide awards for its water-conservation practices and low-water landscaping in recent years. A link to the Association's most recent film appearances and copies of stories written about the HOA can be found here, too.

Water conservation, efficiency rewards and sewer information

Conserving water not only saves money and helps the environment. This section features information about water-efficiency rebates offered by the HOA and has information on how you can help conserve this precious resource. This section can help with sewer and sewage back-up information, 

RTD Light Rail Dayton Station adjoins Cherry Creek 3.

About our wildscaping-style, renovated Landscapes and the popular Community Garden

Want to know about the Cherry Creek 3 Community Garden? What's the buzz about our pollinator-friendly and water-wise landscaping? Want to know about our plant bio-diversity? Check out this section for information.

What's the story about the iconic "Welcome to Denver" mural welcoming visitors to Cherry Creek 3 adjoining the neighborhood? Visit this section to learn how noted muralist Delton Demarest created the mural and how others helped plant the adjoining native-plant garden.

Other useful information

Check this link for additional items, including maintenance work (including water or sewer lines), events and more.

A classic Denver neighborhood that keeps up with modern times - located next to Dayton Station/RTD Light Rail transportation!


Cherry Creek 3: One of Denver's first townhouse-condo neighborhoods has won many local awards, appeared in two documentaries and has been a model for water-conservation in state and national publications. The HOA has one of the region's lowest monthly maintenance dues, too.

Pollinator-friendly plants that save water


Cherry Creek 3 cares about people and our environment. Since 2010, we have received more awards than any other HOA in Colorado!

Contact (303) 834-0311


Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. is managed by Realty One Property Management Co. Jim Robson, CAM, GRI is the person to speak with about Cherry Creek 3. (For sales information, refinancing assistance or other monetary matters, please only refer to the realtors-home sales page on this site.)