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Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., Denver.


Seasonal reminders

This page has recommendations and reminders for all residents, grouped by seasons.

Spring and summer tips


Grilling and barbecuing

Please follow these Denver Fire Codes and HOA regulations if you want to grill outdoors:

* Grills or barbecuing devices, especially propane gas models, may not be operated on back patios due to potential fire hazards to fences and patio covers. Also, the smoke/odors from what's cooking may be considered a nuisance or inappropriate by your neighbors.

* Place your grill OUTSIDE your carport cover (edge of the driveway) before operating.

* You cannot grill in common areas, such as the lawn areas, playgrounds or the swimming pool.

Air conditioners and fans in windows

Window air conditioners that protrude from windows are prohibited.

Don't wash dirty vehicles... but you can rinse off your back patio!

*Washing vehicles here is prohibited because we are a water-conservation community. If your vehicle is dirty, please take it to a car wash.

* You can use a hose to rinse off your back patio periodically. However, please don't leave the water running.

Open windows and noise

During warmer days and nights, many people leave their windows open. Sounds originating from your residence may annoy your immediate neighbor (that includes barking dogs). Have fun, but please be respectful of others. If you are having a party or guest over, please be respectful of noise reaching your neighbor's place. Consider a cut-off time, for example, 11 p.m.

We understand you have rights and freedoms. However, your neighbors also have the right to get a good night's rest, too, because they might have to work tomorrow.  

If a neighbor's noise is disturbing you, one option is to call the Denver Police non-emergency number at 720-913-2000. You can also register a complaint online with the HOA property manager.

HISTORICAL NOTE: The HOA has fined residents hundreds of dollars in the past half-dozen years after neighbors complained about late-night party noise. The Association gave warning notices to those residents, who were fined after disregarding those notices and holding additional noisy parties.

Fireworks are prohibited in all forms!

Fireworks, sparklers, shooting candles and other similar items are prohibited by both Denver and the HOA. Violators are subject to a $1,000 fine from the city AND up to a $500 additional HOA fine. 

Curfew for minors

* All HOA amenities (pool, playgrounds, etc.) close at 9 p.m. 

* Denver law prohibits people ages 17 and under from being out in public places between 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and midnight to 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. The city will transport violators to their Curfew Center and parents/guardians will be notified and issued a citation. Please call Denver Police at 720-913-2000 to report curfew violations.

Heat causes smells

* Because organic waste decomposes faster during warm days, please make sure your trash bags are secured and closed when putting them in your trash container. Insects, mice, rats and other pests are attracted to food sources - including trash.

* Please do not throw litter or trash on Association grounds or nearby public streets for the same reason as above.

Be careful when children and pets walk

Cherry Creek 3 spends thousands of dollars annually to keep its landscaping looking pleasant. Please instruct children not to walk in planting beds around the community and do not climb trees. Human and pet feet can crush plants. Dog urine also can ruin plants.

Please tell children not to bounce balls off windows or building walls outside... and not to walk near window well covers.

Fall and winter tips


The #1 complaint... that dog owners fail to immediately pick up their pet's poop IMMEDIATELY. This causes a health hazard and potential danger to pedestrians. There are more than 20 pet-waste disposal stations (and free pet-poop bags) spread around the neighborhood. If you are a pet owner, please take your responsibility seriously by disposing of dog poop immediately.

As colder nights approaches...

Please disconnect any garden hoses attached to your outdoor faucets.

Window well covers

Please make sure your window-well covers are in place. The HOA will replace window well covers in front of homes. Owners are responsible for the covers in their back patios.

Furnace duct "flip lever?"

* This varies from home to home and depends on remodeling and furnace work done by previous owners. However, many people still have the original duct work attached to their furnace. These ducts have a lever that has two options, up or down or left side/right side. You can experiment with your lever. 

* In one position, the heated air mostly blows up to the top floor. In the other, heated air primarily reaches the main (ground) floor. Because hot air rises and air-conditioned air sinks, you may want to flip that lever each spring and fall to put the heated/cooled air to the desired place in your home.

Protect your personal water line in the basement

Every home has a water line entering through their basement wall. It is located in the front room, in the corner opposite the front entry door. To prevent your water line from freezing, make sure that room  is heated and reaches that water valve, which is the owner's responsibility. Freezing pipes are the responsibility of each owner because the HOA's main water-supply lines are buried below the freeze level outside. (Note: In the past decade, ALL frozen pipes reported inside a home was because the owner or occupant did not have heat in the basement front room.)

Snow-related information

* Vehicles cannot be parked in designated guest parking lots is snow falls or is predicted to fall. The reason is because the snow removed from driveways is piled into guest lots. Driveways are plowed after 4" of snow has fallen.

* Any vehicle parked in a designated guest lot is subject to towing at the owner's expense. If your vehicle is towed, please call Maxx Towing for recovery information.  Here is the contact information:

 Maxx Monitoring Division
7070 Smith Road Unit B Denver CO 80207
P:720.382.1667 F:303.355.2478 

* Because there are many elderly people living here, it is appreciated when neighbors help clear those folks' back patio entrance ways to carport parking. When heavy snow falls, sidewalks and driveways are plowed. However, it isn't always possible to remove every bit of snow that falls throughout the community.