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Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., Denver.


HOA Governing Documents, policies, maintenance request forms

Main HOA Contact information

For maintenance or repair requests, we strongly recommend using the form provided below. You also can submit them to our property manager via e-mail or phone. For e-mail, please contact Jim Robson:   The HOA management office is generally available during normal business hours Monday through Friday. It may not be available at nights or on weekends or holidays.

For water leaks, PLEASE contact our property manger FIRST because Denver Water doesn't work on water lines within our complex.

PLEASE DO NOT contact individual Board members, especially at their private residences. Our Board members are busy volunteers who have jobs, families and other responsibilities in addition to serving on the HOA Board.

If you have a concern that the property manager cannot address, please e-mail the HOA Board President at: 

Essential phone numbers: Emergencies, electricity, etc.

Contacts for various services

EMERGENCIES -  Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911.

Police Department (non-emergency number) 720-913-2000

Police Department (Abandoned Vehicle) 720-865-0471 

City Services ( 311,

Towing: The Association has a contract with

MAXX Auto Recovery (to have an illegally parked car towed) 303-295-6353


Xcel Energy (electricity and natural gas) 1-800-895-1599 or 2999

Comcast (cable, internet and phone service)

Century Line (new phone and internet service)  866-449-1979

DirecTV or Dish satellite TV service   720-281-5352

WATER LEAKS: If you discover a leak outside your home, please call the Association, which owns the water lines in Cherry Creek 3. Do NOT call Denver Water for service. Regarding sewage issues: Owners are responsible for all plumbing inside their homes. If you suspect an issue outdoors, please call the Property Manager.

SUGGESTED SEWER CLEANING SERVICE (Responsibly of each property owner):

Joe McLeod, Diamondback Drains 303-650-2903 or 303-601-2714 ($135 sewer cleaning special)

Main-Line Services ($135 video inspection of your home sewer line) 303-596-5803

2020 HOA Insurance information

Every September, the Board selects an insurance company for the Association. For the 2019-20 fiscal year, the agent is Jennifer Matheson at Stailey Insurance (303) 759-2796 or

If you need proof of HOA insurance coverage, please e-mail:

 There is a letter on this page that was sent to all owners in November 2019, outlining individual owner's recommended coverage based on several pieces of criteria. Each owner should have this coverage because the HOA policy does not include coverage for many types of personal claims.

maintenance request

Request maintenance, ask questions, etc.

Please note for maintenance requests

To avoid confusion, residents cannot give requests to our maintenance contractors in person. All requests must be made via e-mail or phone.

Physical address: 9084 E. Nassau Ave., Denver, CO 80237

(303) 834-0311

HOA Governing Documents, policies

Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. Declarations, By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Architectural Request Forms, Pet Policy, Clubhouse rental policies, Outdoor visual aesthetics policy, annual swimming pool use policy, electronic swimming pool key request form and other policies. 

NOTICE: Because Cherry Creek 3 is a  privately-owned corporation, select information is not available to the general public via this website. Financial information, Board meeting minutes and regular newsletters are available for owners by request. Contact the Property Manager for additional information.

HOA Declarations, Signed_8-18-2009 (PDF)


HOA By-laws, Signed 8-18-2009 (PDF)


HOA Articles of Incorporation signed 8-18-2009 (PDF)


Pet owner/guardian policy adopted July-26.2011 (pdf)


Outdoor_visual_policy_CC3_3.1.18 (pdf)


Void (pdf)


Some tips for landlords renting their CC3 homes 1 (pdf)


WIndow & door replacement Architectural Request Form (pdf)


Furnace/venting Architectural Request Form (revised) (pdf)


Photo of approved Trane Bay vent (200B) (pdf)


Communications wiring/5ervices Architectural Request Form (revised) (pdf)


Landscaping/exterior changes Architectural Request Form (revised) - ALSO see Outdoor Visual Policy (above) (pdf)


Limited leasing Declaration change, July 2019

By more than a 2-1 margin, owners voted to limit the number of homes that can be rented in the community. 

At this time, no additional homes can be rented. If you are selling your home, you must disclose this information to potential sellers.

All current owners who rent/lease their homes MUST register with the Association. (forms will be available soon).

Airbnb, VRBO and similar short-term rentals are strictly prohibited by the new Declaration change.

All owners who rent or lease their Unit must comply with adopted new policies and procedures, which were mailed in late September 2019. Copies of those documents can be found in the realtors, sales, landlord pages on this site.