NOTICE OF DECLARATION CHANGE for sellers, realtors, etc.

Cherry Creek 3 owners amended the Declarations in July 2019, limiting the amount of homes that can be leased as rental units and requiring a leasing permit to do so. The reason owners voted overwhelmingly in favor of the change was to preserve the owner-occupied nature of the community,

At this time, as well as for the foreseeable near future, there are no rental permits available. If you are selling your home, you cannot advertise it as an investment property, since there are NO leasing permits currently available. Rentals must drop below 83 units for there to be an opening. You may call our property manager for details.

All owners who currently lease their homes as rentals will be mailed registration documents soon that need to be filled out, returned and approved by the Association.


Files coming soon.

Recorded Declaration Change - leasing limits

This Declaration change by the majority of owners limits rental properties in the Association.

Amendment Limited to Declaration - Recorded-20190731 Porter 7.31.19 (pdf)


For realtors, refinancing and sales

We have an established process that should make it easy for real estate agents and professionals to help Cherry Creek 3 owners sell their home.

Please follow this list of instructions to help prevent delays. We do understand everyone is in a time-sensitive situation and want to keep things simple:

1. For information about selling a home, please contact the accountant below. Please do NOT call any Board Members or the property manager for information on financials, minutes, CIC documents, Right of First Refusal, status letters, etc. Copies of the HOA Declarations, By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are in PDF format on this website on the "Forms and HOA Documents" page on this web site.

2. Our accountant is Leilani Balogh of Leimay Accounting. The telephone number is 303-779-5123. Leilani's e-mail is: When requesting information, we need to have your specific, written deadline date for information. The reason is because, with all the typical day-to-day activity in the Association, we cannot be expected to stop all other operations to fulfill your request. There are fees associated with certain requests. Saying you need it "today" or "as soon as possible" is not considered a specific date. For status letters, we prefer not to create them until a few days before the actual closing because it is possible new charges will occur or circumstances potentially may have changed, compared to several weeks before a closing.

Please be patient if the accountant is not available at that moment and please do NOT call anyone else in the Association because they will refer you back to call Leimay Accounting. We prefer that you do NOT contact the property manager or individual Board members because they will just refer you back to our accountant.

Our HOA Declarations include a "first right of refusal" that has been in effect for many years. This is handled by the accountant. The accountant also handles other documentation, such as mortgage questionnaires and account status letters.,

3. Real Estate "for sale" signage information: We have strict regulations prohibiting the placement of real estate signs anywhere OTHER than in windows. They are not allowed in yards, on fences or on the exteriors of buildings because of potential damages to the lawn, sprinkler system or fence/building exteriors. Any individual who violates this rule faces legal action from the Association. Information can be found in our Declarations, posted on the "forms and documents" page on this web site.

4. General information: Cherry Creek 3 is surrounded by four Denver public streets: E. Oxford Drive, E. Nassau Ave., S. Yosemite Street and S. Boston Street. We are in the City and County of Denver and part of the Denver Public School system. {We border the municipalities of Greenwood Village and Aurora, which are in Arapahoe County.] Our web site is for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., also known as Cherry Creek 3. There are other HOAs in the immediate vicinity but are unrelated entities and different management companies. If you are looking for information on Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp (Cherry Creek 1), Second Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. (Cherry Creek 2) or the Cherry Creek Town Homes, please find their information via an internet search engine.

5. Insurance information:   

HOA Insurance Information

If you need a copy of the HOA’s Insurance Certificate for your mortgage company or refinancing, please call Brock Lindsay at Farmers Insurance at (303) 934-4334 or email All owners are responsible for obtaining HO6 policy coverage for their home.

General information:
* Address of our club house: 9084 E. Nassau Ave., Denver, CO 80237. We do not operate a staffed office nor business operating times. For information on the Association, please see elsewhere on this web site or contact our property management company, Realty One Property Management. Our property manager is Jim Robson and he can be reached at (303) 834-0311 or via e-mail: Again, for real estate transactions, including status letters, information on Right of First Refusal and other real-estate transactions, please only contact Leimay Accounting.

 * Realty One Property Management must be contacted prior to any landlord (or their property manager or agent) renting or leasing their home in Cherry Creek 3. A lease-tenant form must be filled out prior to any new tenants moving in per approved HOA policy. (See "HOA Forms and Documents" page for additional information.)

NOTE: Cherry Creek 3's declarations include a first right of refusal on home sales. See "HOA Forms and Documents" page for additional information.

There is not a daily working office in the club house. Please call or e-mail us.

There is not a daily working office in the club house. Please call or e-mail us.