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Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., Denver.

Who to contact


Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

If you electric power stops

In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1 (Denver Police Department.)

For NON-Emergencies, call the Denver Police @ 720-913-2000.

If you electric power stops

Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

If you electric power stops

XCel Energy handles electric-related issues, including loss of power and downed power lines. 

Call XCel Energy's power outage line:  1-800-895-1999. 

The HOA does not have any special connections with XCel Energy.  The Association is not told when outages will be repaired, etc.

Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

Please call the Property Manager at (303) 834-0311. DO NOT call Denver Water because they will not work on lines inside the Association.

Phone, internet and TV service issues

Homeowner monthly maintenance fee payments, refinancing and sales information, etc.

Water issues outside your home, including sewer matters.

For outages and issues, please contact your provider. 

(If you are new to the neighborhood and want DirecTV or Dish Network service, please call  Adamo Communications at 720-281-5352 or 720-641-7206 (you may have to leave a voicemail.) DO NOT contact either DirecTV or Dish directly - this will avoid long delays.

Homeowner monthly maintenance fee payments, refinancing and sales information, etc.

Homeowner monthly maintenance fee payments, refinancing and sales information, etc.

Homeowner monthly maintenance fee payments, refinancing and sales information, etc.

Phone or email Jim Robson at (303) 834-0311 or

Residential information

Advantages & Amenities for residents

Located in South East Denver, Cherry Creek 3 has quick access to Interstates 25 and 225. We're just steps away from Dayton Station, the RTD line that gives you connections to Denver International Airport, Park Meadows Mail, several local colleges and downtown Denver. We're a close trip to supermarkets, restaurants and local businesses that doesn't require getting onto a highway.

Among Cherry Creek 3's amenities:  

 * Swimming pool (open Memorial Day through Labor Day). Owners who need a copy of the annual pool rules can find them in the HOA Forms and Documents page.
* Residents can sign up for their own plot in the Community Garden each year. (There is a plot fee to cover costs.)

* Kid's tot lot, including swings, slides and things for climbing!

 * Clubhouse (available for rental for groups up to 25 people).

 * Family Play Area (asphalt surface in central yard area: great for Big Wheels, small bicyclists, training wheel bikes)

 * Walking and biking trails, a mountain bike course and disc golf area are adjoining our Dayton Light Rail station (you can take the trails to Cherry Creek State Park or to the bike path along Cherry Creek to downtown Denver.)

 * Several Denver Parks are only a few blocks away by foot or car. That includes a city dog park (next to Kennedy Golf Course and Wal-Mart on Hampden Avenue).

 * In addition to Light Rail service, there is a public bus stop adjoining the west side of the neighborhood on Yosemite Street at Nassau, too.

 * On the final Saturday of July, you can bring a lawn chair to many places in the neighborhood and view the super fireworks display that is launched just across I-225 at the Greenwood Village Days festival.


Cable and satellite information

 There are a few options for TV viewing: Comcast, Century Link Prisim, DirecTV and Dish Network. Internet access is available via Comcast or Century Link.

 *Comcast Cable (1-800-COMCAST) is available.

* All buildings were pre-wired under the back patio covers for either Dish Network or DirecTV service. If you want satellite service from either DirecTV or Dish, you must call the Association's exclusive provider, Adamo Communications (also called ComDish Technologies) at 720-281-5352. To avoid long delays, please DO NOT call Dish or DirecTV. If you do, your call will be re-routed to Adamo and it could take several days or weeks.


Downloads for homeowners, landlords & tenants

basic_CC3_HOA_living_guidelines_-_Spring_2017_revision (pdf)


Seasonal home tips and Who's Responsible for What 1.25.19 (pdf)


Some tips for landlords renting their CC3 homes 1 (pdf)


2019 Swimming pool dates, rules, etc.

Answers to commonly-asked HOA questions

Additional Information

Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by owners. The Board uses Realty One Property Management Co. to help manage the complex. The Association has no employees but utilizes contracted services from several individuals and companies to perform work in the complex.

     The club house address is 9084 E. Nassau Ave., Denver, CO 80237. However, the office in the building is not staffed, although a mail drop-off slot is available on the south side of the building, near the playground. Never drop off your monthly HOA maintenance fee in the mail slot and do not mail it to the Association. For information on monthly maintenance payments, please contact our property manager.

       Day-to-day property management is handled by Jim Robson of Realty One Property Management. You can call Jim and his staff at (303) 834-0311 or e-mail:

      * Monthly HOA dues payments - A rate hike, approved by the Board in October 2018, became effective on Jan. 1, 2019.



  Effective Oct. 1, 2019: Please call this phone number if you have questions regarding your maintenance fee account or if you need a status letter regarding the sale or refinance of your unit.

    There are three methds for paying your monthly maintenance fees.  1. Contact Jim Robson at Realty One Property Management at to authorize our HOA to withdraw funds from your bank account through ACH (automated clearing house).  Although our HOA has strict ACH approval procedures for these withdrawals, you might prefer authorizing your bank to pay through their Online Bill Payment system.

   2. To pay Online through your bank, enter your four digit unit/house number into the account field and the amount of your payment.  By entering the following mailing information your bank will issue a check to our HOA.  Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., c/o Bank of Colorado, P.O. Box 418, Gretna, NE  68028.  This mailing address is our HOA’s dedicated lockbox. 

   3. Personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders must also be sent to the above P.O. address. However, they must be accompanied with encoded coupons unique to your four digit unit/house number.  If you wish to pay with checks and do not have a coupon book, please call (303) 834-0311 Payments are not accepted at the Club House and cannot be given to Board members.

HOA Insurance information:


HOA Insurance Information

If you need a copy of the HOA’s Insurance Certificate for your mortgage company, please contact Stailey Insurance at this address: You also can contact our agent, Jennifer Matheson, at The phone number for Stailey Insurance is 303-759-2796.

 All owners are responsible for obtaining HO6 policy coverage, including loss assessment coverage for $10,000 or more. 

For an informational letter on recommended insurance coverage, please download the insurance letter PDF on the HOA Forms, documents and policies page.

The elected 2019-20 Board Directors:

(In parentheses at the right is the year which the current seat term expires)

Don Ireland - President (Spring 2020) E-mail:

Trudy Hardin - Vice President (Spring 2021)
Jack Graves - Secretary (Spring 2021)

James Higley - Treasurer (Spring 2021)

Marvin Becker - Assistant Treasurer (spring 2020)
Julie Barnes - Member at Large (Spring 2020)
Renata Canino- Member at Large (Spring 2020)

 Three Board members were elected at the Annual Owners Meeting on April 13, 2019. Officers were selected by the Board during its annual reorganization session following the meeting.

2020 HOA Board of Directors meeting schedule:

    All meetings are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the club house and are open to all Owners. A homeowner’s forum will be at the start of each meeting. There may be time limits for Owners’ questions and comments due to the length of the business agenda slated for the meeting. If you are a tenant with a concern, please contact Jim Robson at Realty One Property Management, the property manager.

Scheduled Board meeting dates for 2020, by month

Meetings are typically held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, unless noted. Board meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the club house (entrance across from the swimming pool).. Here are tentative meeting dates:
         * Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020
          * Tuesday, Feb. 25

  * Tuesday, March 24
        * ANNUAL OWNERS MEETING:  Saturday, April 25, 11 a.m. (Lunch). Noon to 1:30 p.m. (election and business meeting for owners.)
          * Tuesday, May 19 (one week earlier than normal  due to Memorial Day).
        * Tuesday, June 23 

        * Tuesday, July 28

        * Tuesday, Aug. 25

        * Tuesday, Sept. 22
        * Tuesday, Oct. 27 - regular meeting and budget session

     *  November & December: TBD

Any notice of a special meeting will be posted here in advance of the session.

*** See the HOA Forms and Documents section to obtain a copy of "Basic Rules for Living Here AND copies of the landlord/tenant regulations and forms. *********

General unit information:

* Our 251 condos are townhouse-style models and about 65% are owner-occupied. Each owner has their own separate front and back entrances and a private patio. There are no common hallways or entrances and no one lives above or below you. The units are side by side, meaning there are no upstairs or downstairs neighbors.

* Each unit has its own private patio space (covered by a translucent cover that allows sunshine in but keeps snow and rain out) and exclusive private, covered carport spaces at most homes.  ALL parking spaces adjoining perimeter back fences are assigned - the lack of an overheard cover DOES NOT make it a "free" or open space. All residents should keep their exclusive parking spaces clean and litter-free.

*NOTE: Your exclusive parking behind your home is the width of your back patio. Most people have 2 exclusive spaces. (A few homes have 3 due to the width of their back patio.) In most cases, people have slightly more than 2 spaces. It is likely that partial space adjoins the partial space owned by the next-door neighbor to create a third space. If you and your neighbor's spaces create a third space, neither home has exclusive rights to own or use that space. It is suggested that both neighbors work out some agreeable arrangement for using that parking space.

*  There are common guest lots throughout the plan for company, in addition to on-street public parking on East Nassau and E. Oxford Drives. However, owners are not permitted to park in designated guest-parking spaces. If a resident has more vehicles than exclusive reserved spaces (for example, 3 cars but only 2 exclusive parking spots), they must park on the public streets and cannot park in guest-only sections. Those who violate this rule may be fined or have their vehicle towed without warning and at the owner's expense).  Guest lots have posted regulation signs. Effective September 2019, overnight parking is prohibited in Guest Lots from midnight to 6 a.m.

* Double-parking (parking a vehicle in the driveway behind those parked in the carport areas, are prohibited by law.

* The walking area behind each back patio fence must be kept clear at all times. Do not put bicycles, planting pots or other items in the space between your back fence and the carport-parking areas.

*Each resident is responsible for keeping their parking spaces clean and free of litter, leaves, cigarette butts, toys, dirt, grease, etc.
 * The planting area in front of each home is owned by the Association. Changes to this area - regardless of whether it involves plants or manufactured materials (bird baths, stepping stones, etc.) must be approved IN ADVANCE by the HOA. 

(Please consult the homeowner's guide given to all owners for detailed parking and vehicle regulations.)

Snow reminders:

  * Cherry Creek III sidewalks will cleared after 2” of snow has fallen while driveways will be plowed and cleared after 4” of snow. The snow-clearing crew typically begins working after snowfall has stopped, not while it continues to snow.

  * Residents are reminded that they cannot park in fire lanes or designated guest spaces during snowy weather. Plowed snow is piled in the guest spaces since it cannot be pushed out onto public streets. Parking violators will be towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

   * Several black containers of ice melt have been placed next to outdoor stairs, along north-facing building fronts and in carport areas. These ice melt containers are used by snow-shoveling crews and can be used by adult residents to help melt ice and snow.

Having problem with a neighbor?

      "Please treat your neighbors the way you'd like to be treated."

         Most people follow that simple saying but - unfortunately - others do not. Whenever possible, please try to speak to your neighbor first to see if you can resolve the situation. If you cannot, and have a neighbor who is causing a disturbance or violating Association rules, please call Realty One Property Management or use one of the e-mail links on the home page to report the problem. You do not have to give your name when filing a complaint.

Pet owners:

NOTE: A copy of our Pet Policy is available on the HOA Forms and Documents page.

     You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet outdoors immediately after it does its business. Pet-waste bags and disposal containers are located throughout the community. Pets should be leashed and under their owner's control at all times and not allowed to run loose. Violators will be cited and fined. If you see someone not following these rules, please call (303) 834-0311.

   If you are reporting an off-leash or pet-poop situation, please give a description of the pet and its owner. You can also give the house number where that person lives (if you know it). Camera photos are also welcome. The Association's Pet Policy is on the "HOA Forms and Documents" page.

Sewer line back-up:

   For sewer clogs or back-ups, the Association suggests using vendors on this list.
   If you have a sewer back-up, call this company for service. You will be required to pay $125 for the sewer-cleaning service at the time of the call. There will not be an additional charge for removal of a basement toilet for clean-out purposes. If there are reasons the Association may be responsible for the sewer back-up, please submit a copy of your paid invoice for possible reimbursement. If you do not call a suggested vendor from this list, you will not be considered for potential reimbursement. (Note: Some companies charge $300-500 for the same work as the firms suggested by the HOA.)
 Here is the information on calling to have your sewer cleaned (please tell them you are calling from Cherry Creek 3 to insure you get the $135 rate):

            *  Joe McLeod at Diamondback Drains: 303-650-2903 or 303-601-2714.
         The Association, at its discretion and at no additional charge to residents, also may have a camera inspection of your sewer line conducted after your have your sewer unclogged by one of the two above firms. 
           * For $135, Main-Line Services will conduct a video inspection of your basement sewer system. This is recommended for all owners every 2-3 years to help prevent a back-up. Main-Line can be reached at (303) 596-5803.

     Also, please note that - in most recent years - the Association has declined to reimburse residents for sewage back-ups because the unit owner didn't make an effort to maintain their line properly prior to the back-up. Owners should keep copies of invoices from plumbers or sewer cleaners to show they have properly maintained their lines every 2-3 years.

      Owners of units in Cherry Creek 3 have a private 4” sewer line that exits their home and flows into a bigger, main line (owned by the Association) about 10 to 35 feet from the front of their unit. Each year, the Association pays to have the main lines cleaned to help sewage move from those lines to the main Denver connection down the hill.

        The primary responsibility of the private lines from individual units to the HOA main line belongs to individual Cherry Creek 3 owners. If your private line clogs or becomes blocked, it is your responsibility – not the Association’s – to get it unclogged from your unit to the main line.

 Prevention can help prevent problems: There are some things owners and residents should do to help prevent sewer back-ups.

       Things you should never put down your sink to prevent sewer clogs: Grease, fibrous fruits and vegetables (example: celery), potato peels, rice or pasta, baby wipes, cloth or fabric items, coffee grounds and egg shells.

 Things you should never flush in a toilet: feminine products of any kind, paper towels, wet wipes or diapers. Over the years, we have learned that manufacturers who claim their products are "Flushable" really aren't - and tend to clog private sewer lines.

If ou wish to replace doors or windows, alter landscaping… get permission FIRST! A copy of the Outdoor visual asthetics policy if available on the HOA Forms and Documents page.

      The outside walls on homes and the small landscaping plots in front of each home are owned by the Association, not the individual home owner. Therefore:

  *Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. requires owners to get approval before conducting any changes to the outside of their units. This may include, but is not limited to, installing new doors and windows, changing landscaping or mailboxes, installing a satellite dish, adding external furnace or dryer ducts, etc. Saying "I didn't know" or "no one told me" are not valid excuses for avoiding the rules. Such actions could lead to warnings, fines and lawsuits. The HOA may have unauthorized landscaping removed from in front of a home and the owner may be charged for the clean-up expenses.

        * The Association requires that an Architectural/Landscape Review Request must be submitted and approved by the Board of Directors before any work begins. All requests must be in writing and verbal approvals are not given. See the Page, HOA Forms and Documents, for more information.

         * Please call Realty One Property Management before you hire a contractor or start work. Violations to this regulation could result in fines for the property owner.

Parking in fire lanes is illegal! NEVER do it!

      If your vehicle is parked in a fire line, it will be towed without warning. It's against the law to park in a fire line. When your vehicle is towed, it will cost more than $230 to get it back. So, if you choose to ignore the fire lane signs, you are choosing to have your vehicle towed. The Association will NOT reimburse anyone if their vehicle is towed.

          If you see a vehicle parked in a fire lane, you can call Maxx Towing at 303-295-6353 and they will come tow the improperly-parked vehicle. (You may have to sign a copy of the towing form if you call the towing company.) We also ask that you e-mail or call Realty One to report any fire lane violations. Please include the make, color and license plate number of the vehicle in violation. You can also take a picture with your camera or phone and send it to Realty One.

A note or two for parents:

    Over the years, parents and guardians have raised countless hundreds of children in Cherry Creek 3. We need your help in instructing children of some basic rules:

         * Do not climb on fences or throw things over fences.

         * Swimming pool and play area rules must be observed. There are established hours for these areas. A copy of the current pool rules is available in the Forms and Documents page.

         * Children cannot play or ride bicycles, skateboards, etc. in the driveways. They must ride or play in the designated play areas.
          * Children should be instructed that they should not play or walk in the landscape areas in front of each home because such activity can damage or destroy plants. The same is true about trees: climbing a tree could harm the tree and/or also result in harm to someone climbing the tree.

         * Teach your children that littering is unacceptable, vandalism is a crime and conservation (saving water and electricity) is a good practice.

         * A parent is responsible for their child's behavior. If any child is caught littering, vandalizing or violating community rules, the parent faces potential citations and fines from the Association, plus potential legal action.

Warning to parents about potential dangerous actions by children:

     Please tell your children that they could be putting their health and lives in danger if they try to climb up onto the club house roof. Any children caught on the roof will be subject to police arrest for trespassing and their parents could be fined. Parents also are responsible for their children at the swimming pool, which is off limits to any child 14 and under if not escorted by an adult. If you see children trying to climb onto the roof of any building or over the pool fence, please call the police non-emergency number immediately, (720) 913-2000, to report the situation.

What everyone should know about water and conservation:

    If you pay any attention to the media, you know this part of the country has limited water resources and at times (example; 2002 and 2012) those of us who live in the Front Range and Denver face droughts and drought restrictions. Cherry Creek 3 residents and owners also should be conservation-oriented for several reasons:

      1. Your monthly HOA maintenance fee includes payment for your water and sewage bills. When you use more water, the Association gets a higher water bill. A higher water bill also translates into a higher sewage bill.

      2. The more water and sewage bills increase, the greater the likelihood the HOA will have to increase the monthly maintenance fee to keep up with those higher costs.

      What can we do, individually and as an Association, to help keep water (and sewage bills) under control? Visit our Water - Conservation page on this web site.

      There are many ways. First, and to quote Denver Water, "Use Only What You Need." Don't let faucets run excessively. Install water-conserving toilets, washers and appliances. (Denver Water offers you a rebate for replacing selected toilets. See for details.) Cherry Creek 3 offers additional rebates. See the Water & Conservation Page.

      Always get a leaking toilet, faucet or pipe fixed immediately! (A leaking toilet can lose 400 gallons a month... or more!)

    Tips  for saving water (and money) are on the Water & Conservation page.

Site & Content Disclaimer

       This web site is owned and operated by Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp. Although we strive to make it as accurate as possible, the site may contain errors or may be in need of correction. We apologize for any mistakes that may occur. If an error is listed, it cannot be misconstrued as having authority or precedent over existing HOA Declarations, by-laws, regulations, etc.  If you have a specific question or need information, please contact the management company, Realty One Property Management or the Board President.