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General pick-up info

Please download the PDF below for detailed trash dates, city pick-up information, etc.

2020 Denver trash, recycling and 'extra trash' dates, plus a

Regular Trash collection, recycling and "extra Trash" dates

General Trash information

 Scheduled "Extra Trash" pick-up dates for 2020:
REVISED, FEBRUARY 2020 by Denver

February - Wednesday, Feb. 19
March - Tuesday, March 17
April - Tuesday, April 14
May - Tuesday, May 12
June - Tuesday, June 9
July - Tuesday, July 7
August - Tuesday, Aug. 4
September - Tuesday, Sept. 1 & Sept. 29
October - Tuesday, Oct. 27
November - Tuesday, Nov. 24
December - Tuesday, Dec. 22

The City and County of Denver picks up trash weekly in Cherry Creek 3.
The Association has regulations that help facilitate the Denver trash collection. This page explains the trash-collection rules and process for all residents to follow, to insure trash is picked up properly.

DISCLAIMER: These days were announced by the City & County of Denver and may be subject to change. For up-to-date information, please check the web site or sign up for text alerts regarding trash collections.

Things to know about trash pick-up and your trash area:

    Here's the simple way to remember trash: Put your trash out AFTER 6 p.m. the night before the scheduled pick-up and get your trash cans out of the driveways NO LATER THAN 6 p.m. the same day pick-up occurs.

     * Typically, trash is picked up at Cherry Creek III on Tuesdays. If there is an official holiday on Monday, trash will be picked up on Wednesday rather than Tuesday. Please see the schedule above to learn all pick-up dates in 2019.

      *Trash must be in containers and cannot be placed along the driveways until after 6 p.m. the night before the regularly-scheduled pick-up time (one day later following holidays). The City will ONLY pick up trash in city-issued black carts. You can no longer put out traditional trash cans, boxes or bags of trash. Trash will NOT be picked up if it is placed on top of the black trash carts - it must all be inside the cart and the lid must be (mostly) closed. If not, the trash truck may not pick up the trash.

      *Owners and residents may be cited and fined for placing trash along the driveways before 6 p.m. the day before the scheduled pick-up time. Also, trash cans should be taken back from the driveways no later than 6 p.m. that evening after pick-up takes place. You may also be cited and fine for putting furniture, mattresses and other household items out on non--trash days OR if you place a "free to take" sign on them.    

       * Purple recycling containers must be used. Recycling containers must be placed in the driveways (and free from overhead obstructions) every other Tuesday because a special truck picks up the recycling container with a robotic arm. That is why recycling bins cannot be placed under a carport or too close to one, nor below overhead electric wires. Trash and recycling cans should be placed at least 2 feet apart so the city collection truck's "claw" has room to scoop up the trash containers.

        * Cleanliness of trash storage areas in back-patio perimeter fences is the responsibility of each owner or their tenants. It must be kept clean at all times. Storage of fluids, flammable liquids or items, tires, car parts, etc. is prohibited. Trash areas are not to be used for storage of personal items. Trash areas are inspected throughout the year and those in violation of cleanliness and storage rules may be cited or fined.
        * Trash and trash containers cannot be stored outside of the perimeter fences behind each home.

Disposing of TVs, computers, printers, DVD players and other electronics: Denver will NOT accept these types of items in your trash. To recycle old and outdated elections, call 3-1-1 or visit Denver's web site. Dumping electronics is illegal. 

        * Call 3-1-1 for additional trash and recycling pick-up information.


Denver uses a claw-scoop "arm" on its recycling truck to grab trash and recycling containers and hoists them up onto the top of the vehicle. This process requires everyone to put their recycling container several feet out from their carport (and not in an uncovered space), so it can be grabbed by the claw. Also, because of the height, residents cannot place recycling bins below overhead power lines. A few overhead power lines have been broken in recent years because residents improperly placed trash cans below power lines in the driveways.

Sign up for alerts

You can sign up for text messages for trash collection by using the link below to Denver's web pages.