Pool back open - updated 6.28.19

New pool pump installed

The swimming pool is open again, as of Friday, 6/28. A new pump was installed, replacing the old one that failed. Have a safe & fun time at the pool!

Proposed declaration change - for owners only!

Updated July 15

From May 9-July 9, owners were asked to vote on a Declaration change that would limit the number of rental units in the Association.

The majority of owners have voted on this issue. Ballots have been counted and an official, finalized tally of the votes is scheduled for approval at the July Board meeting. Please look for details in the HOA newsletter late this month.

Thank you to all owners who took the time to vote on the proposed changes.



Other useful information


Storm water bill versus waste water


   Cherry Creek 3 pays the monthly water and waste water bill for the entire neighborhood. The waste water bill includes what leaves your home through your basement sewer line; regardless of whether it’s from your toilet, dishwasher, bathroom or washing machine.

   The storm water bill is something Denver charges all owners individually, based on the square footage of their home. That charge helps the city maintain storm sewers that directly discharge into streams and rivers. 

  Denver sends each home owner a storm water bill twice a year. Cherry Creek 3 does not pay the semi-annual storm water bill – it is something that must be paid by each owner.

Annual swimming pool dates

The HOA's private pool is available to eligible residents and their guests. The pool typically opens on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day.

The pool closes at 8:55 p.m. nightly. Closing may occur periodically due to circumstances and repairs.

More coming soon...