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Welcome to the web site for Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp., Denver.

VITAL SEWER WARNING (Posted 3/21/2020)

We cannot stress enough the importance of ONLY flushing toilet paper in your home. Wipes, so-called "flushable" papers, Kleenex, fats, oils, grease, paper towels, coffee grounds, rice, fibrous fruits and vegetables and other paper products may clog your home sewer if they are flushed down your toilet or sink drain.  Experts say only toilet paper, human waste and soup should be flushed down sewers. Nothing else - put anything else in the trash, including diapers, so-called "flushable wipes and diapers," feminine products, condoms, etc. Failing to do so could lead to an unpleasant and expensive mess for you. The HOA is not responsible for sewage back-up and cleaning in your home, per our Declarations. Thank you for your cooperation, given that more people are at home during the current CORVO-19 pandemic.


Based on Denver recommendations, please consider the playground adjoining the clubhouse as "off limits" during the current pandemic. This notice is to prevent people from congregating together and advise everyone the Association cannot sanitize the playground equipment at this time.

Effective September 2019

Guest Lot Parking CHANGES

Effective immediately, overnight parking (between midnight and 6 a.m.) is prohibited in designated guest parking lots. The Board approved the overnight ban due to ongoing violations. If your guests need to park overnight, please do so where allowed on E. Nassau and E. Oxford. CC3 violations in guest lots will be towed without notice and at the vehicle owner's expense.

Pool season ends on Labor day annually.

The swimming pool, per tradition, opens on Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day. Please keep your electronic key for next season.

Proposed declaration change - for owners only!

Declaration change approved by majority of owners

Effective July 31, 2019, Owners in Third Cherry Creek Townhouse Corp have approved a Declaration change that prohibits homes from being converted or sold as rental units. Existing owners will be required to have an Association leasing permit to continue to rent their Units.

More details coming in late September regarding registrations, fees and permits.month.

Thank you to all owners who took the time to vote on the proposed changes.

Declaration Limited Leasing change approved by owners, effective 7/31/19

Approved Declaration Change 2019 (pdf)


Other useful information


Storm water bill versus waste water


   Cherry Creek 3 pays the monthly water and waste water bill for the entire neighborhood. The waste water bill includes what leaves your home through your basement sewer line; regardless of whether it’s from your toilet, dishwasher, bathroom or washing machine.

   The storm water bill is something Denver charges all owners individually, based on the square footage of their home. That charge helps the city maintain storm sewers that directly discharge into streams and rivers. 

  Denver sends each home owner a storm water bill twice a year. Cherry Creek 3 does not pay the semi-annual storm water bill – it is something that must be paid by each owner.

Annual swimming pool dates

The HOA's private pool is available to eligible residents and their guests. The pool typically opens on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day.

The pool closes at 8:55 p.m. nightly. Closing may occur periodically due to circumstances and repairs.

More coming soon...